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Sevastyan Seliverstov
Sevastyan Seliverstov

Diaper Quest 2055 [Torrent]l

Groom, Pelham. The View from the Stars. New York: Ballantine, 1965. London: Gollancz, 1965. London: Panther, 1966. Also in Michael Sissons, ed. Asleep in Armageddon. London: Panther, 1962. Also in Kingsley Amis and Robert Conquest, eds. Spectrum 5. London: Gollancz, 1966. Also in Bonnie L. Heintz, Frank Herbert, Donald A. Joos, and Jane Agorn McGee, eds. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.... New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1974. Also in Gregory Fitz Gerald and John Dillon, eds. The Late Great Future. Greenwich, Conn.: Fawcett, 1976.

Diaper Quest 2055 [Torrent]l


Diaper Quest 1 and 2. Vonnegut, Kurt. Wampeters, Foma, and Fib. New York: Signet, l960.Early in this novel, a man who has just been repaired by a strange surgeon experiences the surgeon first, then the recollections of the man he has just made. Also, a new experiment reveals, rather more than the audience is led to expect. A much discussed feminist text.

Doherty, Thomas. The Day After Judgement. New York: Ace/Sphere, 1988.Levering into the final chapters of this futuristic science fiction saga we meet a far future society in which various groups are establishing an interstellar empire. The struggle among them for Earth, the only inhabited planet, is acerbated by the fact that the entire galaxy is littered with others. In the course of making one last-ditch attempt to win the war, a group of guerrilla fighters from a fallen world attempt to stop a rocket launching from a failing world with a plot to make a miniature black hole in the Earth, and then use this as a weapon against the remaining inhabitants of the Earth. The plot is perhaps less intricate than Dohertys earlier Rat Man and the Brain from Pluto, but includes many ideas similar to those in his earlier work, including the idea of shrinking a people down to a micro-size to prevent them from waging war. If there is any chance in the novel, Doherty has managed to merge the idea of miniaturization with the concept of genetic engineering so as to give the story much more interest than he could have achieved otherwise. Although it must be conceded that this novel is made more attractive by the fact that the it is arranged in the form of a series of interlocking micro-quests rather than a single story, it still makes an ambitious statement about the possibility of world conquest.

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