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Phigros IPA: How to Download and Install the Laneless Music Game on Your iOS Device

How to Download and Install Phigros IPA on iPhone

Phigros is a popular music game for iOS devices that offers a unique gameplay experience with dynamic judgement lines and four different types of notes. However, it is not available in some regions or countries due to licensing issues. If you want to play this game on your iPhone, you will need to download and install an IPA file, which is an iOS application file that can be installed without jailbreaking. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Phigros IPA on your iPhone using three different methods. We will also explain what is Phigros, what is IPA, and how to play Phigros after installation.

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What is Phigros and Why You Should Play It

Phigros is a "laneless" music game developed by PigeonGames, a Chinese indie game studio. It was released in March 2019 for iOS devices, followed by an Android version in July 2019. The game has received positive reviews from players and critics alike, who praised its innovative gameplay mechanics, the high-quality music library, and the beautiful illustrations. Here are some of the features that make Phigros a great music game to play:

Phigros is a laneless music game with dynamic judgement lines and four different types of notes

Unlike most music games that have fixed lanes or columns for notes to fall on, Phigros has no lanes at all. Instead, the notes appear on a circular track that can move, rotate, split, or merge according to the music. This creates a more immersive and challenging gameplay experience, as you have to follow the movement of the track and adjust your timing accordingly. There are also four different types of notes in Phigros: tap, hold, slide, and flick. Each type of note requires a different gesture or action to hit, adding more variety and complexity to the gameplay.

Phigros has a curated music library with more than 25 high-quality tracks of various genres

Phigros features a diverse and rich music library that covers various genres, such as electronic, rock, pop, classical, jazz, and more. The tracks are composed by talented artists from China, Japan, Korea, and other countries, who have created original and catchy songs for the game. Each track has multiple difficulty levels, ranging from easy to insane, that offer different patterns and challenges for players of different skill levels. You can also unlock more tracks by completing certain achievements or purchasing them with in-game currency.

Phigros has beautiful illustrations for each track and a mysterious story mode

Another aspect that makes Phigros stand out is its stunning visual design. Each track has its own illustration that matches the theme and mood of the song. The illustrations are drawn by various artists who have contributed their unique styles and expressions to the game. Some of the illustrations are animated or interactive, adding more flair and charm to the game. Phigros also has a story mode that follows the journey of a boy named Simon, who wakes up in a strange world with no memory. As you play through the tracks, you will discover more clues and secrets about Simon's past and the world he is in.

What is IPA and How to Install It on iPhone

IPA is an acronym for iOS App Store Package, which is a file format that contains an iOS application and its resources. IPA files can be installed on iPhone devices without jailbreaking them, which means modifying the device's software to remove some of the restrictions imposed by Apple. Installing IPA files can provide some benefits for iPhone users, such as:

IPA files can provide access to unofficial apps, customization, testing, offline installation, and ad-free versions

Some apps are not available on the official App Store due to various reasons, such as regional restrictions, licensing issues, or policy violations. However, you can still download and install these apps from third-party sources using IPA files. For example, Phigros is not available on the App Store in some countries or regions due to music licensing issues. By installing Phigros IPA file on your iPhone, you can bypass this limitation and enjoy the game. You can also customize your iPhone with IPA files that offer themes, tweaks, or mods that are not allowed by Apple. Additionally, you can test new or beta versions of apps using IPA files before they are released on the App Store. You can also install IPA files offline without an internet connection or an Apple ID. Moreover, some IPA files can remove ads or offer premium features for free.

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IPA files can also come with some risks, such as malicious software and compatibility issues

While installing IPA files can be beneficial for some users, it can also pose some risks and drawbacks. One of the main risks is that some IPA files may contain malicious software or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Therefore, you should always download IPA files from trusted sources and scan them with antivirus software before installing them. Another risk is that some IPA files may not be compatible with your device or iOS version. This can cause crashes, errors, or performance issues on your iPhone. Therefore, you should always check the compatibility of IPA files before installing them. Furthermore, installing IPA files may void your warranty or violate Apple's terms of service. This can result in legal consequences or losing access to some services or features.

How to Download Phigros IPA File from GitHub

One of the sources where you can download Phigros IPA file is GitHub, which is a platform for hosting and sharing code and software projects. GitHub hosts a project called Phiplayer, which is a tool that can help you play your own Phigros game using custom songs and charts. Phiplayer also provides a Phigros IPA file that contains the original game with all the tracks and illustrations. Here are the steps to download Phigros IPA file from GitHub:

Go to the GitHub page of Phiplayer, a tool that can help you play your own Phigros game

The first step is to go to the GitHub page of Phiplayer, which is This is where you can find the latest version of Phiplayer and Phigros IPA file. You can also learn more about Phiplayer and how to use it to create your own Phigros game with custom songs and charts.

Click on the Code button and select Download ZIP

The next step is to click on the green Code button on the top right corner of the GitHub page. This will open a dropdown menu with several options. You need to select Download ZIP, which will download a ZIP file containing the entire Phiplayer project. The ZIP file will be named and will be saved in your default download folder.

Extract the ZIP file and find the Phigros.ipa file inside the Phiplayer-master folder

The final step is to extract the ZIP file using a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip. This will create a folder named PhiPlayer-master, which contains all the files and folders of the Phiplayer project. Inside this folder, you need to find the Phigros.ipa file, which is located in the root directory. This is the IPA file that you need to install on your iPhone to play Phigros.

How to Install Phigros IPA File on iPhone Using iFunbox

One of the methods to install Phigros IPA file on your iPhone is using iFunbox, which is a free file manager for iOS devices that can help you transfer files, install apps, backup data, and more. iFunbox works on both Windows and Mac computers and does not require jailbreaking your iPhone. Here are the steps to install Phigros IPA file on your iPhone using iFunbox:

Download and install iFunbox, a free file manager for iOS devices, on your computer

The first step is to download and install iFunbox on your computer. You can get iFunbox from its official website, which is You need to choose the version that matches your operating system, either Windows or Mac. After downloading the installer, you need to run it and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

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