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St Andrews School Delhi Holiday Homework

St Andrews School Delhi Holiday Homework

St Andrews School Delhi is a co-educational senior secondary school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school aims to provide quality education to its students and foster their holistic development. The school also offers various activities and clubs to enhance the students' skills and talents.

One of the features of the school is its holiday homework, which is designed to keep the students engaged and motivated during their vacations. The holiday homework covers all the subjects: Hindi, English, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Computer. The holiday homework also carries marks, hence submission of work post vacation is compulsory for all students.

Download File:

The holiday homework is available on the school website . The students can download the holiday homework according to their class and subject. The holiday homework consists of various tasks and assignments that are based on the syllabus covered till now. The holiday homework also includes worksheets that test the students' knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

The holiday homework is expected to be done in a neat and presentable manner. The students have to follow the instructions given for each subject and task. The students have to write the answers in their own words and avoid copying from any source. The students have to use a separate notebook or file for each subject. The students have to index their work and label it properly.

The holiday homework will be assessed by the teachers on the basis of handwriting, presentation, neatness, completion of all the given questions, and accuracy of the answers. The marks obtained in the holiday homework will be added to the internal assessment of the students. The holiday homework will also help the students to revise and learn the syllabus for their upcoming exams.

The holiday homework is a great opportunity for the students to enhance their learning and creativity. The students can also explore new topics and areas of interest related to their subjects. The holiday homework will also help the students to develop their self-study skills and time management skills. The holiday homework will also make the students enjoy their vacations in a productive and fun way.

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